Cacao Percentage: 75%

Harvest Year: 2016

Farm/Coop: Maya Mountain Cacao cooperative in the Toledo District of Belize

Cacao Variety: Unknown (Mostly trinitario with a mixture of local heirloom cacao)

Tasting Notes: Dried fruit, Red Berries, Milk Chocolate, Earthy

Our Belize chocolate has a complex flavor profile due to the fact that it comes from a cooperative. The Maya Mountain cooperative collects freshly harvested cacao from several hundred small farmers. Each farmer will have a slightly different genetic variety of cacao, so there are a lot of different varieties that make up our Belize chocolate. With so many contributing farmers, Maya Mountain is able to keep the quality high by taking care of all of the fermentation and drying of the cacao. Our Belize chocolate is naturally high in fat, which is what helps give it its smooth mouthfeel. The resulting flavor of the large genetic diversity, the centralized fermentation and drying, and our process, is an extremely interesting yet balanced chocolate that provides the enjoyability of a classic milk chocolate bar but with high notes of dried fruit and deep earthy flavors and aromas.

*Maya Mountain Cacao works with the Institute for Marketecology (IMO) and is USDA certified organic. We also only use organic cane sugar, so this chocolate is 100% organic (but as a company we are not certified organic).

From Maya Mountain: “Maya Mountain Cacao was founded in 2010, based on the belief that Belize is capable of producing some of the world’s highest-quality cacao and on the vision of cacao farming as a real business that makes real money for cacao growers in Belize. Currently, MMC sources premium organic shade-grown cacao from smallholder farmers for responsible and ultra-premium chocolate makers, improving farmer livelihoods and preventing deforestation by providing a high-quality, consistent product that fetches a high price and catalyzes sustainable growth of the local cacao growing industry.” - Learn more about MMC at